Baby Algebra Upgrade: How To Recognize (And Actually Understand) A Linear Equation

In the first post of my new series upgrading your baby Algebra skills to the level that will let you snag all the points available on the SAT, we’re covering the foundation: what are linear equations, anyway, and what do they actually mean? Need answers? Read on!

The Math Paradox: Why The Easiest Math On The SAT and ACT Is The Hardest

There’s this paradox I’ve noticed: it’s never the hardest math that stands between my students and the scores they need to get into their dream schools. As strange as it might sound…it’s usually the EASIEST math. Why, and what can YOU do to prevent this math paradox from hurting your score? In this post, I’m explaining how to level up your “baby Algebra” with the help of my new series.

Math Etiquette I for Easy SAT No-Calculator Math (What's Math Etiquette and Why Should You Care?)

What's math etiquette? Well, like social etiquette, it helps you navigate problems confidently and gracefully...except these problems are math problems! It's also a crucial part of getting prepared for the new SAT No-Calculator Math section. Here's the run-down.