About our Founder

Kristina Semos

Kristina Semos graduated from Brown University Magna cum Laude in 2004, with a double degree in Music and Italian Studies.


 However, don’t be fooled into thinking Kristina is skilled only in the humanities– she started as an Engineering concentrator at Brown with MIT as her back-up school.  And her qualifications don’t stop there – Kristina has a long record of superlative academic achievement, including:

  • Valedictorian of the Talented and Gifted Magnet High School in Dallas, TX, which has been ranked #1 public high school in the US countless times in Newsweek and US News.
  • Broke the record for cumulative GPA with a 98.93.
  • State AP Scholar for the state of Texas, with a dozen 5’s and a couple 4’s, breaking the record on that one, too.
  • National AP Scholar
  • National Merit Scholar
  • 1st Place in the Mathematics Olympiad (Dallas-wide) 8 out of 9 years, breaking the record for cumulative performance.
  • Top-ranked girl in the state of Texas in the Mathcounts Competition.
  • Competed on the Texas team for the American Regional Mathematics League, a national math competition.
  • Awards at the City, District, State and National levels for Piano, Flute, Voice, Computer Programming, and – of all things! – German Folk-Dancing.
  • Early admission to Brown University, with MIT as her backup school.
  • A sense of normalcy.

Kristina’s worked extensively with exclusive tutoring companies before starting her own in 2012, inspiring students in NYC’s private school system and specialized public school system to kill it in math and ace the SAT and ACT.  She teaches summer SAT bootcamps in the Hamptons, and reaches students around the world via Skype.