Timely Tips: Kristina's Stress-Busting Roundup

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I know this is literally the beginning of the most stressful 2-3 months in your life so far: the last half of junior year spring. Since your time is super valuable, especially NOW, I’m going to keep this one brief. Luckily, my blog is full of resources, so here's a handy map to point you to some valuable help with a variety of timely concerns. Grab what you need and get your head right back in the game! 


Motivation and Mindset

Need help getting your head in the game? Feeling paralyzed? A successful junior spring semester begins with your mindset, so hit these two if you need help there.

Surviving Junior Spring (How, And Why, Not to Throw in the Towel)

Feeling so stressed you just want to give up? Start here! This pep talk is designed to get you to stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward.

Perfectionism is the Devil 

Taking the ACT? Freaking out about it and putting too much pressure on yourself? This article breaks down—point by point—how perfectionist tendencies can lower your score…and what to do instead. Sometimes you just need a reality check to break out of the perfectionist trap. Here it is!


Test Prep Time Management

Managing your time during test-prep is always a challenge...and it's even tougher during a semester as packed as this one. Grab some tips here for solving your schedule snarls.

How to Find Study Time for the SAT or ACT

Now that you won’t throw in the towel, how about sleuthing out pockets of time in that packed schedule to prep for your standardized tests? This article shows you how.

Why “Study More” Isn't Enough

This one's especially helpful for getting families on the same page about a study plan. Study time should be for improving your scores, NOT for keeping the peace...and the time to make sure it is? NOW.

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Testing Tune-Ups

As test dates approach, you need concrete advice about how to manage stress and anxiety to KEEP them from negatively impacting your test experience...and your score! Here are some of my favorite ways to clear your head on, and right before, test day.

5 Mental Exercises That Will Help You Ace Your Tests

Still in the end stages of studying? Great! That means you've got time to use these Mental Mastery Techniques to raise your scores!

The Truth About Test Anxiety and How to Overcome It

Do you have more than just pre-test jitters? This article goes into what may cause legit test anxiety, as well as what you can do to mitigate its effects on your score. With test dates looming, this one might be just what you need.

Page Turn Zen

This article shows you step-by-step how to employ my favorite anxiety-busting technique. To be used during your test!


SAT II Study Guides

For your most common SAT II Subject Test needs, read these! They're nutshell versions of study plans to make the most of the time you've got to prepare.

    SAT II Subject Test Failproof Study Plan: Literature

    SAT II Subject Test Failproof Study Plan: Math Level 1

    SAT II Subject Test Failproof Study Plan: Math Level 2


Got what you needed? Good!

I'm wishing you well during this busy, stressful time. And if what you need to make it less busy and stressful is personalized help from an expert, you can always contact me here