How To Answer A “Big Picture” Reading Question On The ACT Or SAT

Both the SAT and ACT ask these “big picture” reading questions, so lots of tutors and test prep companies try to prepare you to answer them. In this post, I’m reviewing the strategies that you’ve probably heard before…and sharing the simple and effective one that works for my students, which I bet you haven’t!

This New Year's Ritual Will Get You Into College

A new year is a chance to pause, take stock, and course correct as you proceed joyfully towards your goals. This little New Year’s ritual offers you questions to ask yourself and words to take to heart—all designed to help you realize your college process goals, no matter where you are in that process right now.

How To Find Your Organizing Principle (Even Without A Helpful Giraffe)

So you know you need an Organizing Principle to show your dream school who you are…but how do you find yours? Especially on your own? I’m giving you a road map to articulating the hidden sense of self that will help you show colleges who you are.

There Are No Breaks in Test Prep Now (Unless You Plan Well)

New SAT and ACT dates means that college applicants don’t have the enforced summer break that they used to. This makes testing-timeline decisions EVEN MORE COMPLICATED (hey, thanks!). I’m breaking down the factors you need to consider to keep your sanity (and maybe even plan that break in there after all).