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"Should I Cancel My SAT or ACT Score?"

There are new and helpful options for how to cancel your SAT or ACT score. But don’t get carried away, because there’s a really important question you should ask yourself before you take advantage of them: SHOULD you cancel your score? Let me walk you through the decision the way I’ve helped my students tackle it.

What's the SAT Adversity Score?

If you follow testing and college-process news, you may have heard of the SAT’s new “Adversity Score.” But what is it, really? And how will it affect YOUR testing strategy? I’m breaking it down for you.

How To Find Your Organizing Principle (Even Without A Helpful Giraffe)

So you know you need an Organizing Principle to show your dream school who you are…but how do you find yours? Especially on your own? I’m giving you a road map to articulating the hidden sense of self that will help you show colleges who you are.