College Process News

National Merit Scholar Finalist? Now you can validate your score with the ACT!

If you’re a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship Program, you used to have the SAT forced on you. But big news: you can now validate your qualifying PSAT score with an ACT score! Let me explain how that impacts the testing decisions of high-achieving students.

What's New On The Common App 2019-2020

The Common App makes changes every year—some big, some small. This year, several of those changes affect user experience. Let me fill you in on what’s changing for the 2019-2020 application year and what’s staying the same—and then I’ll walk you through the Common App step by step!

What's the SAT Adversity Score?

If you follow testing and college-process news, you may have heard of the SAT’s new “Adversity Score.” But what is it, really? And how will it affect YOUR testing strategy? I’m breaking it down for you.