Testing Timeline

Adversity Score No More: Meet the SAT "Landscape"!

Worried about the new SAT Adversity Score and how it affects your testing strategy? Well, here’s an update you need: it’s been replaced by a new College Board innovation that affects your college applications, but differently. Meet the Landscape…and let me brief you on what it is and what it means for you.

Summer's Over: It's Time to Get Serious About Studying Again

No matter what year you are in high school, if you're anything like my students, now is the time for a wake-up call: summer vacation is over...it's time to get serious about testing and the college process again! I'm breaking down the year ahead for every grade level!

National Merit Scholar Finalist? Now you can validate your score with the ACT!

If you’re a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship Program, you used to have the SAT forced on you. But big news: you can now validate your qualifying PSAT score with an ACT score! Let me explain how that impacts the testing decisions of high-achieving students.

What's the SAT Adversity Score?

If you follow testing and college-process news, you may have heard of the SAT’s new “Adversity Score.” But what is it, really? And how will it affect YOUR testing strategy? I’m breaking it down for you.

There Are No Breaks in Test Prep Now (Unless You Plan Well)

New SAT and ACT dates means that college applicants don’t have the enforced summer break that they used to. This makes testing-timeline decisions EVEN MORE COMPLICATED (hey, thanks!). I’m breaking down the factors you need to consider to keep your sanity (and maybe even plan that break in there after all).