How Do You Cancel Your SAT score?

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OK, so you just took the SAT and are completely convinced you royally messed it up. How do you cancel your score?

First, ask yourself one important question. And let me help you answer it—it was just the subject of a post all its own. It’s this:

Should I cancel my SAT score?

The CRUCIAL first step here is that you make sure you really do need to cancel your score in the first place! Canceling a score means it doesn’t get graded at all, so you (& your college list) will never know what it was. But that also means you need to take the SAT again to get the score(s) you need, so don’t just cancel a score based on panic, bad feelings, or impulse.

So go read the post. It’s linked up in the section title there! I’ll wait.

OK, so you’re back! I guess if you came back to reading this article, you decided after all that you really DO need to prevent your SAT from getting graded. So now we’re moving on to how you do that.

Important Things To Know About Canceling Your SAT Score:

  • Your scores for ALL Subject Tests taken on the same test date will be canceled—unless equipment malfunction/failure was the culprit, you can’t pick and choose.

  • You MUST submit your request by the deadline—it’s an absolute cut-off point, NOT a suggestion!

  • Your signature is required!

  • Once you successfully submit your request to cancel the score, it will not be graded—you will never know what score you would have gotten.

  • Once you submit your request to cancel your score, you can’t change your mind and reinstate it. It’s gone!

Still want to do it? There are two times you might want to cancel your SAT scores:

  1. AT the Test Center, or

  2. AFTER you leave the Test Center.

Needless to say, those cancellation processes work differently. Let me walk you through each of them.

How to Cancel your SAT Scores at the Test Center

Here’s how to cancel your SAT if you just plain think you bombed:

A) Ask the test supervisor / proctor for a “Request to Cancel Test Scores” form.

B) Fill out the form and sign it.

C) Return the signed and completed form to the test supervisor PRIOR to leaving the building.

Here’s how to cancel ONE SAT II Subject Test (if you had an equipment malfunction):

If your reason for canceling your test is because your equipment malfunctioned or failed (specifically, either your calculator stopped working in the middle of Math Level 1 or Math Level 2, or your CD player quit on you during a Language Test with Listening), then and ONLY then are you allowed to cancel THAT single Subject Test while still having your other Subject Tests graded. (Otherwise, you’ve got to choose: keep them all, or lose them all.)

A) Report the equipment failure during the test to your proctor.

B) Fill out the “Request for Cancel Test Scores” form, checking off the box saying “Single Subject Test (Equipment Failure).”

C) Return the signed and completed form to the test supervisor PRIOR to leaving the building.

So those are the scenarios you might run into AT the Test Center. But what happens if you leave the test center and THEN realize that you need to cancel your scores? Well, first you make doubly sure that you’re REALLY canceling for a good reason, and then you read this:

How to Cancel your SAT Scores AFTER You Leave the Test Center

There are two important things to know about canceling your SAT scores after you leave the test center:

  1. You CANNOT cancel your SAT scores online or on the phone. You must submit a written request to the College Board, with your signature.

  2. The deadline to submit that written request is 11:59PM EST on the Thursday after the test. There is one (and only one!) exception: students with disabilities who have extended time and test in school-based testing have until the Monday a full week AFTER the published test date to cancel.

Got it? Okay. Next up, I’m going to walk you through the process of submitting your written request.


Here’s how to cancel your SAT score, step by step:

1) Gather the information you’ll need to fill out the form requesting to cancel your SAT score:

  • Your test date

  • Your test center number

  • The name of the test you’re canceling (SAT I or SAT II Subject Test)

  • Your name, address, sex, birth date and registration number as they appear on your registration documents

  • Your signature! (Your request will not process without your signature!)

2) Download the SAT Request to Cancel Test Scores form.

Here it is for you. You’re welcome.

3) Fill it out (AND SIGN IT) and submit it by the deadline: 11:59PM EST Thursday after the SAT test date, or 11:59PM EST Monday a week after the published SAT test date for extended time school-based testing.

Wait, something right there was important. Let me emphasize it, because I really don’t want you to miss this one!

What is the deadline to cancel your SAT score?

The deadline to cancel your SAT score is 11:59PM EST on the Thursday after your SAT test date.

Did you think it was Wednesday? You’re not alone! A whole lot of folks on the web list this deadline as Wednesday. But the College Board says Thursday, and, uh, they’re kind of in charge. So let’s just take this as a helpful reminder that not everyone out there who sounds like a testing expert actually is one.

If you have extended time school-based testing, the deadline to cancel your SAT score is 11:59PM EST on the Monday a week after your SAT test date.

In other words, nine days after the published test date. Some schools actually administer tests after their published dates, but the deadline is still nine days after the published date.

Got it? Good. Now that we’re clear on when you need to have your request in by, here’s what you need to know to get it in…

How To Submit Your Request To Cancel Your SAT Scores

You have three choices! Whichever one (or two!) you choose, make sure the mailing or fax label reads: “ATTENTION: SAT Score Cancellation.”

  1. Fax it to 610-290-8978

    Fun fact: you don’t need a fax machine to send a fax! With new apps, you can fax right from your phone.

  2. USPS Express mail (U.S. only!):

    Send your request by overnight delivery to this address:

    SAT Score Cancellation

    P.O. Box 6228

    Princeton, NJ 08541-622

  3. FedEx, UPS or other overnight delivery (U.S. or International)

    Send your request (again, overnight) to this address:

SAT Score Cancellation

1425 Lower-Ferry Road

Ewing, NJ 08618

What If I Missed The Deadline To Cancel My SAT Score?

When you sign up for the SAT, you also have the option to sign up to send your test scores to up to four schools for free. Most people do this to save $12/school in score reporting fees!

However, if you think you didn’t perform well, you have up until 11:59PM EST NINE days after your test—so, 11:59PM EST the Monday a full week after the published test date—to add, change, or delete your score recipients! Just log into your College Board account to do this.

Yes, this means that after you get your scores back—and hopefully are pleasantly surprised with a score you like!—you won’t get to send your scores to your colleges for free. Instead, they’ll be $12 per school. But honestly, that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind!

I hope this post gives you some peace of mind. I know these decisions can be difficult and crazy-making—especially without an expert in your corner! If you want me in yours, you can start right here.